EU Projects

RAM is committed to promote and execute the “Motorways of the Sea” through different activities supporting sea transport, within the framework defined by the TEN-T new guidelines and by the financial instrument CEF (Connecting Europe Facility), for achieving the transport policy objectives  set by EU.

The Company, as partner and implementing body of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, is engaged in:

  • the presentation of project proposals based on the different European funding programs
  • the technical and financial management of the European projects earned
  • elaborating the technical studies related to the development of the Motorways of the Sea
  • communicating and releasing the expected and achieved results

In particular, as regards to the presentation of project proposals, thanks to its consolidated experience, RAM can provide solid support and coordination by means of:

  • meetings to develop solid and sustainable partnerships, both with public and private operators
  • accurate targeting of the project requirements and objectives of its partners, in order to develop organic proposals in line with the requirements for each single bid
  • accurate processing of the technical and economic-financial aspects of the project proposals

The projects brought up at European level include research activity, infrastructural interventions in the core and comprehensive networks' ports of the TEN-T corridors, carried out for the development of the Motorways of the Sea in the Mediterranean region and Middle East. These projects are developed within the framework scheduled in compliance with the CEF and the other funding programs at European level, such as ERASMUS+, LIFE, HORIZON 2020 and MED, for the development of sustainable transport modes and the implementation of safe environment and climate actions.

In progress Projects

Completed Projects

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