The MEDNET – Mediterranean Network for Custom Procedures and Simplification of Clearance in Ports contributed to establish a network of sea transport experts and authorities, aiming to select the best port and customs procedures and test them out through 7 pilot actions. The results have been disseminated at international level, then eventually a Port Operations Observatory was created to collect all data processed during the project.  MEDNET was completed on May 31st 2015 and a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the Observatory partners.

The topic of customs procedures is particularly challenging. Contrary to the issues related to bottlenecks and infrastructural deficiencies, which require longer periods of time to be solved, the accurate development and deployment of IT customs procedures can lead to more efficient traffic flows and increased competitiveness, in a shorter time.

RAM has completed the analysis of possible benefits related to the implementation and integration of the Directive 65/2010 (PMIS) and National Single Window. The strength of this project, of which RAM is Lead Partner, has been its international dimension: 18 partners of 10 different countries have participated to the project.

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