RAM managed the technical operations of the Working Tables to implement the strategy set with the Strategic Plan for Port and Logistics; the working tables were dedicated to:

  • digitalization of the logistics chain and customs operations
  • normative on excavations and dredging
  • new rules on concessions
  • incentives/Marebonus
  • coordination of the national initiatives within EU
  • enhancement of the European labour market
  • Project Review
  • port tourism

For the Table “Digitalization of the logistics chain”, RAM carried out the following activities:

  • establishment of a coordination table by the Ministry in order to
    • define the governance and enhance the integration, networking and interoperability among the different institutional information systems (e.g., PMIS, AIDA, PCS, PNL, PIC, PIL, Sistri, PAT, RVMS)
    • technology enhancement of the Business Community to support the whole transport and logistics chain by means of a National Master Plan
  • implementation of the Fast Corridors, controlled by the National Logistics Platform, tested by the Customs and Monopoly Agency.
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