A reminder of the main phases of the Trans-Mediterranean Network – Transport (TMN-T) implementation.

With the Maastricht Treaty (1991), Europe aims to create transport network shared among the 15 Member States.

In 1991, Europe suggests to extend its network towards the Eastern Countries (Pan-European Voice Conference, Prague).

In 1995, the Barcelona Process starts opening the way for Southern Europe Countries.

In 2005, the 1st Euro-MED Transport Conference in Marrakech starts the process of close cooperation between the Countries of the two coasts of the Mediterranean Sea – the Members decide to start developing the Trans-Mediterranean Network – Transport.

In 2007, the Action Plan for Transport in the MED region for the period 2007-2013 is approved; the results are evaluated and approved by the UfM Ministers of Transports during the 2nd Euro-MED Conference held in Brussels on November 14th 2013.

On the occasion of the 2nd Euro-MED Conference held in Brussels on November 14th 2013, the Members sign a Declaration stating the importance of the Euro-MED cooperation in terms of transports, based on 2 Pillars:

  1. regulatory reform and convergence in the different Transport sectors;
  2. implementation of the future Trans-MED Network - Transport (TMN-T), to be connected to the TEN-T.

The Ministers of Transport entrust the Euro-MED Forum to draw the map and priority projects list of the TMN-T. Among the players involved: GTMO5+5/CETMO, AMU e ESCWA.

At the 13th EuroMED Transport Forum (Brussels, March 25th 2015), the new RTAP 2014-2020 is approved.

The implementation of the RTAP 2014-2020 will be coordinated and monitored through the EUROMED Dialogue Instrument established by the UfM and coordinated by the European Commission, supported by the UfM Secretariat and engaging all the Member States (at a ministerial level and supported by thematic working groups – EURO MED NETWORK AND LAND TRANSPORT – which wish to create a permanent financing committee, that is an institutional platform similar to the Balkan WBIF).

To help achieve the objectives, 23 actions divided for different topics: air, land and sea transport, and a Euro-MED integrated network of multimodal transport.

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