The MP SEM MOS project includes the East Mediterranean Master Plan for the development of the MoS, promoted by our Country, in collaboration with Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Slovenia, through the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport and RAM. Italy is also Lead Partner in charge of the whole Mediterranean Region. Officially approved by the CE with the Decision dated December 5th 2006, the project was started on April 14th 2006 and completed on December 31st 2009.

The results led to identify 9 potential MoS corridors; also, 2 call for proposals were submitted to gather market opportunities. This instrument allowed to understand how much this industry sector is active and the potentials for the Adriatic Region to grow.

From a strategic point of view, this project has a valuable meaning: the experience gained will be useful in the following enlargement of the West Mediterranean - Project West Med Corridors (presented at the Call TEN-T 2006; Lead Partner: RAM), as RAM will be able to benefit from the knowledge acquired both with the National Master Plan study and the Community project MP SEM MOS.

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