The INIWAS - Improvement of the Northern Italy Waterway System: Removal of physical bottlenecks is part of a Global Project improving Northern Italy's inland waterway transport network and includes the works needed for the Po River and its connected canals (Fissero, Tartaro, Canal Bianco, Po Brondolo and Boicelli). The Action is an important part of an overall policy for the development of the whole Northern Italy economic area.

The Action is based on previous researches and works carried out as part of the TEN-T 2007-2013 program; it aims to remove the bottlenecks of the river and its connected canals to enhance the navigation to inland waterway class V standards. The Action includes works in the North and South areas of Po, such as the basin of the Serafini Island in Piacenza and the Boicelli canal near the Po delta.

The Po River is located on a pre-identified section along the Mediterranean Corridor (Milano-Cremona-Mantova-Venezia-Ravenna-Trieste); the Action aims to enhance the freight traffic on the Po to reach 628.864 tons by 2024.




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