In October and December 2015, RAM was responsible for the training activities of the personnel of the Directorate General for ports of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport (Agreement protocol 136, April 4th 2014, between the company and MIT), by providing  a Basic Course in Europlanning.

The course aimed to transfer the basic knowledge of Europlanning applied to the European funds; in particular, the 26 participants, including executives, managers and employees were given notions of infrastructures and logistics mainly related to the sea transport industry.

The training activity had a strong strategic value for the Ministry:

  • it allowed to increase the knowledge of the personnel to qualification levels in target with the activities and procedures of the European Union
  • it enhanced the efficiency and efficacy of the administrative activity

Il topic of the course was also discussed within a larger frame, that is the major characteristics and critical issues related to the European funds and projects, with focus (theory and practice) on the elements of the English language specific for the Europlanning.

In particular, the following topics were discussed:

  • European funds to transport
  • State aids
  • Introducing a new project
  • Project management
  • Obligations during the project
  • Project report
  • Case study

The training course involved different experts, besides the personnel of RAM who took active part in the teaching and desk activities. At the end of the course, the guests were given a satisfaction questionnaire and took a recap test before receiving the certificates of attendance.

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