MoS24 was promoted by Italy, Belgium, Malta and France, in order to strengthen the strategic role of the Corridor 24 (railway axis Lyon/Genova-Basel-Duisburg-Rotterdam/Antwerpen) of the TEN-T system, as Europe's main entrance for freight transported on the Mediterranean Motorways of the Sea (MedMos).

MoS 24, a pilot action included in the priority project Motorways of the Sea, has implemented  a interoperability platform based on the deployment of different ICT systems for transport management (VTS, customs and port computerized systems, UIRNet platform, intermodal and hub management systems, safety platforms). This innovative, intermodal logic-based platform allows public and private users to exchange data an information through the logistics chain, in a more efficient and easy way.

This way, the project achieved its objectives, to facilitate the intermodal flow and implement the safety and quality standards of integrated transport operations, in particular on the axis Genova-Rotterdam and within the maritime services delivered by the port of Genova in the Mediterranean Sea.   

Also, thanks to the MoS24 platform, the different information systems have been computerized to allow the users to exchange data and information for more efficient and effective intermodal transport operations.

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