Motorways of the Sea

The European Program “Motorways of the Sea” forecasts an efficient system for sea transport, capable of increasing the effectiveness and competitiveness of the sea-road transport mode. The Motorways of the Sea are an alternative/complementary solution to road transport enhancing the shipping of lorries, containers and vehicles. Looking at eco-sustainable development, it helps reducing  road traffic congestion, accidents and pollution.

A clear definition of the objectives and importance of the Motorways of the Sea is stated in Article 12 bis of the Decision No. 884 dated April 29th 2004 by the European Parliament and Council.

The trans-European network of the Motorways of the Sea aims at concentrating the flows of goods on maritime logistics-based routes, improving the actual waterway connections or creating new ones, that can be profitable, regular and frequent, to transport goods within Member States and reduce traffic congestion and/or facilitate the accessibility to islands and off-center regions and States. The Motorways of the Sea might include people's transportation as long as the transport of goods remains predominant.

As reported in the EU Official Gazette L 167: The development of waterway connections can reduce road traffic congestion, connect islands and marginal areas and become, in many cases, a solid alternative to road transport.

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