The incentive Marebonus aims to develop the combined rod-sea transport mode by creating new maritime services and implementing the existing services, in accordance with the Stability Law for the three year period 2016-2018, article 1, paragraph 647.

The incentive is currently being evaluated for definitive approval by the European Commission.

Over 130 million euros will be disbursed and distributed as follows:

  • 45.4 million in 2016
  • 44.1 million in 2017
  • 48.9 million in 2018

Marebonus is dedicated to ship owners proposing three-year projects for the development of Ro-Ro and ro-Pax new maritime services, by means of registered ships for freight multimodal transport, sailing under the flag of a Member State or European Economic Area, or projects for the enhancement of the same services on existing routes, from/to Italian ports,connecting ports located in Italy or in EU Member States or Members of the European Economic Area, in order to support the implementation of the intermodal chain and reduction of the road traffic congestion.

The incentive is estimated on the base of the number of ships multiplied for the distance (in km) subtracted to the Italian road viability.

This instrument includes also the overheads of part of the amount received to favor the road transport companies using maritime services.

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