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The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), established in Marseille in 2008, is a multilateral partnership created to increase the potential integration and cohesion among the Euro-Mediterranean Countries.  UfM comprises the 28 Member States, the European Commission and 15 extra-European Countries, with the clear intent to create a connection between the two sides in terms of policy sharing.

In 2015, RAM S.p.a. started a partnership with the UfM and particularly with its Secretariat, in order to  create and strengthen a new logistics network between the Northern and Southern ports of the Mediterranean Sea. The Secretariat role is to support/facilitate the projects' promotors through the close network of partners, financial institutions and possible contributors.

RAM has shown particular interest in the Motorways of the Sea initiative promoted by the UfM, which aims to create and strengthen a new logistics chain between the Northern and Southern ports of the Mediterranean Sea.

As for this collaboration, on September 11th 2015 RAM has organized a joint meeting with the Division of Transport of the UFM, hosted by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, to introduce the MoS Turkey-Italy-Tunisia Project. The project aims at developing a new Motorway of the Sea providing maritime connecting services between the ports of the Maghrebian area of Tunisia and Turkish ports, with stopover ports in the Region of Puglia (Bari, Brindisi and Taranto). This initiative is framed within the strategy of implementation of the Trans-Mediterranean Network – Transport (TMN-T) and the connection between the TMN-T and the Trans-European Network – Transport (TEN-T).

“MoS Turkey-Italy-Tunisia” has been endorsed by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport of Turkey and Tunisia and approved by the Project Committee of the UFM. Following the presentation to the Senior Officials of the 43 Countries of the UFM, the project has been unanimously approved.


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