Shortsea Shipping Promotion Center – Italy

In 2015 RAM Logistica Infrastrutture e Trasporti Spa was designated National Short Sea Shipping Promotion Center (SPC Italy) by the Italian Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility with the goal of becoming a landmark for ports, shipowners and the road haulers sector in general for the promotion of Short Sea Shipping (SSS).

The national SSS promotion centers were created by the European Commission in 1999 in order to promote SSS in the member states.

The European Shortsea Network (ESN) includes all SPCs in the EU with the goal of coordinating their activities and promoting SSS through the involvement of the main international stakeholders.

In January 2022 SPC Italy started its yearly ESN Presidency, which will focus on the development of SSS looking towards 2027, with particular reference to the challenges and opportunities.

2 webinars will be organized as follows:

  • The importance of eco incentives for SSS and the maritime sector (25/05/2022);
  • Digitalization and environmental sustainability as drivers in the change of SSS (25/07/2022).

On the basis of the results and the outcomes of the 2 webinars, the ESN will elaborate and disseminate the position paper “SSS 2027 - Challenges and opportunities” during the Naples Shipping Week (Naples, 29/09/2022).

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