The Project “Parking Areas implementing Safety and Security FOR (4) CORE network corridors in ITALY (PASS4CORE-ITA)” is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility – Transport with the aim of developing a national network of Safe and Secure Parking Areas for heavy goods vehicles along the primary road network in Italy.

RAM S.p.A. participates to the project as implementing body of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport – Central Committee of the Italian Register of Road Hauliers, with other 12 beneficiaries among which motorways operators, rail road terminals and other private operators, engaged in the realization of 1.350 truck parking areas, and in the upgrade of more than 300.000 square meters on 13 dedicated areas obtaining the certification of “Safe and Secure Truck Parking Area” according to European Standards.

In this framework, RAM S.p.A. will coordinate the development of the network and will create a digital platform for the management of information exchange aimed directly to haulage operators and professional drivers.

The project has an overall budget of over EUR 27 million and will run until June 2024, when all the newly created parking areas and the dedicated digital platform will be operational.   

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