The project NAPA4CORE - Improving North Adriatic ports' maritime accessibility and hinterland connections to the Core Network aims at improving maritime and land accessibility of ports of Trieste and Koper situated on the Baltic-Adriatic and Mediterranean Core TEN-T Network Corridors.

By eliminating the increased episodes of maritime and land congestions in these ports, the traffic flow will increase in the area, also depending on the increasing demand of freith traffic in the Far East. the pressure and interests expressed by shipping lines for having enlarged port capacities as well as the market potentials of the North Adriatic route

The Actionis part of a Global Project developed by the North Adriatic Ports’ Association - NAPA. Its main objective is to support the development of North-Adriatic ports of Venice, Trieste, Koper and Rijeka in ordine to improve the capacity (Ro-Ro traffict and cointainer) and improve the connections with the inland infrastructures.

To this end, construction work will be conducted in the ports of Trieste and Koper; in particular, a new dock will be created in Trieste for the Ro-Ro traffic and a new entrance to the port of Koper.

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