Open Consultation of EU Regulation n.1315/2013

The EU Regulation n. 1315/2013 on the approach of the European Union for the development of the TEN-T, establishes that by December 31st 2023 the Commission will reassess the implementation of the central network, by evaluating: the compliance with the TEN-T disposition, the progresses made on such implementation, the changes on trasport flows for freight and transport, the development of investments of the infrastructures of national transport and the need for amendments. 

In such scenario, the Commision has entrusted a team of independet assessors with the task of elaborating an intependent evaluation on the implementation of the EU Regulation n. 1315/2013. 

According to the results and the conclusion of such activity, the Commission intends to initiate the revision of the EU Regulation n. 1315/2013 during the second half of 2020.

The first phase of the study concerns data gathering which will happen between January and July 2020. In this sense, the questionnaire for the relevant private and public stakeholders has been published. It is available at the following link

In order to seize the opportunity to promote new scenarios of development for the trans-European network of national interest, we strongly reccomend to fill the form by February 14th 2020.