MoS Webinar “Shaping the policy of a European Maritime Space – The Future of Motorways of the Sea

As part of the MoS Webinar "Shaping the policy of a European Maritime Space – The Future of Motorways of the Sea” that took place on July 1st 2020, Professor Kurt Bodewig – coordinator of the Motorways of the Sea – showed the new priorities of the MoS Detailed Implementation Plan 2020. It paves the way for the implementation of the European Maritime Space (EMS) as maritime dimension of the TEN-T networks.

The EMS has to be consistent with the three DIP pillars: sustainable (environment), seamless (integration into logistics) and smart (digitalization). The European Commission is aiming at presenting a proposal by 2021 in order to give EMS more space as part of the revision process of the TEN-T networks.

There has been much discussion about the EU Green Deal and about the need to create a green transport system. In order to increase the Short Sea Shipping demand, the TEN-T networks have to be extended within the EU through the inclusion into the maritime dimension, as the EMS.

With regards to the CEF Program, the Commission intends to continue investing so as to connect the catchment area defined in the MoS DIP. The Commission is also aiming at creating a deeper connections to the Horizon 2020 Program and promoting pilot actions in support of the use of non-fossil fuel within the Green Deal. Eventually, the goal of the Commission is to contribute to the digitalization process.

There are many challenges and opportunities in the current scenario. The ADM sector must face them in order to improve and grow. Stakeholders’ support will be fundamental during this phase.

Watch the webinar recording at the following link.