CEF Transport Call for Proposals “Reflow”: here are the results

As part  of the 2019 Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) MAP Transport Call for Proposals “Reflow”, released on October 16th 2019, the CEF Committee – which took place of July 16th - voted for 130 projects.  The allocated total amount is around 2.1 billion euros. Among others, 11 projects require the involvement of 11 Italian beneficiaries. These projects contribute to the development of alternative fuels infrastructures and studies on the cold ironing solutions within ports, cross-border connections, ports accessibility, airports transfers, safe parking areas, C-ITS services, transport systems integrated to urban nodes and ATM systems for the single European Sky.

“PASS4CORE-ITA Parking Areas implementing Safety and Security FOR (4) CORE network corridors in Italy” represents one of the Italian proposals RAM has taken part to as the in-house company of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The goal of the project is creating a stakeholders network so to implement safe and certified parking areas for heavy equipment in Italy. The ultimate goal is to improve transport conditions.

For further information, see the following link.

The final Decision the European Commission will take between the end of July and the beginning of August will be published here.



Selected projects – CEF Map Call