INIWAS - Improvement of the Northern Italy Waterway System: Removal of physical bottlenecks is part of the wider framework of the waterway system in Northern Italy and it includes a number of measures on the Po river and its waterways - Fissero, Tartaro, Canal Bianco, Po Brondolo e Boicelli. The project represents the key element of the development policy of the whole economic area in Northern Italy. 

The project is based on previous studies and works carried out on the PO river as part of the TEN-T 2007-2013 program. Its objective is to remove the congestions all over rivers and canals so to increase the navigability up to the V class standard for the inland navigable ways. The works are conducted along upriver and downriver areas, as the basin of canalization in the island of Serafini - Piacenza area - and the canal Boicelli nearby the dealta of the Po river. 

The Po river is localed across one of the section of the Mediterranean corridor which have been pre-identified: Milan-Cremona-Mantova-Venice-Ravenna-Trieste. Through the established interventions, the project aims at increasing the traffic on navigable ways along waterways, in order to reach 628.864 tons by 2024. 

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