EnerNETMob is a project co-funded by the European Interreg Med program and aims to draft, test and improve parallel “Sustainable Electromobility Plans” according to common standards and low carbon policies, in order to set an “Interregional Electromobility Network” crossing cities of all the Interreg MED area.

The project promotes sharing mobility and land-sea intermodality using electric transport systems, by implementing interurban and interregional pilot networks of Electric Vehicles Supply Equipment (EVSE) also co-powered by Renewable Energy Sources.

It will develop electromobilty solutions and will test pilot actions to overcome medium-trip limitations and to coordinate future investments on electric transport.

Ram, as project partner, will co-ordinate activity 5 "Transferring" which aims to disseminate the results of studying and testing activities within the local, regional and national policies of the territories involved in the project.

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