MOS4MoS - Monitoring and Operation Services for Motorways of the Sea has been promoted by the Port Authority of Valencia and partnered by 26 European Countries. The Italian players involved are: the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport and its implementing body, RAM, the Port Authorities of Salerno and Livorno, the Hubs of Bologna and Livorno (Amerigo Vespucci) and Atlantica Navigazione S.p.a.

Developed according to the information provided by DG MOVE and the European directives on E-Maritime, the project was completed on May 31st 2012 at the Info Day hosted by the European Parliament (Brussels). The meeting was attended by the Members of the European Parliament and Commission. Considered an example of good collaboration and listed by the European Commission as one of the most successful projects, the MOS4MoS enhanced the technology systems used by operators in different segments of the Motorways of the Sea door to door chain. The benefits produced by the project implementation have been highlighted by the cost-benefit analysis carried out within the Action deployment, according to which the  implementation of the 15 project initiatives could generate net results for over 20.5 million euros.

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