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RAM S.p.a., in accordance with article 18 paragraph 2 of the Law 133 dated August 6th 2008, uses criteria and methods for personnel recruitment compliant with the principles of transparency,  advertising and impartiality, based on EU regulations.

Criteria and methods for personnel recruitment and the signing of contracts are regulated by the set of rules here attached.

Policy in accordance with article 13 Legislative Decree 196 dated June 30th 2003

In compliance with the personal data protection code (Legislative Decree 193/2003), RAM S.p.a. informs that the data voluntarily provided will be processed exclusively for the activity of personnel research and selection and to this purpose only, can be passed on to consultant companies qualified in  personnel selection, on paper or via computer transmission and in any case in compliance with the personal data privacy and safeguard regulations.

Data owned by: Rete Autostrade Mediterranee S.p.a.

Personal data will be processed according to the principles of fairness, legitimacy and transparency and protected according to the privacy safeguard law.

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