RAM is collaborating with political and institutional authorities, both at national and international level. Indeed, the Company is playing a leading and supporting role in several agreements and initiatives.

As for the Motorways of the Sea, the Company:

  • promotes the relationship with the Mediterranean Countries within the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM);
  • supports Mr. Antonio Cancian, engineer appointed Focal Point by the MIT, in the operational activities of the EUSAIR Strategy pillar for the Adriatic and Ionian macro-region “Connecting the Region: transport and energy networks”;
  • is National Promotion Center of the Short Sea Shipping (SPC-Italy) and collaborates actively to promote the European Shortsea Network (ESN), the European network gathering all the national promotion centers engaged in supporting maritime transport;

is member of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF), established by the European Commission, gathering 110 experts from all the EU States. The Forum operates to achieve two objectives: provide technical consultancy in the development of  relevant standards, law regulations, policies and initiatives in transport&logistics; through working groups, offer innovative solutions to facilitate information exchange and removing technical-bureaucratic obstacles to enable smooth integration between the different modes of transport.

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