The corporate governance of RAM S.p.A. is organized as follows.

  • Board of Directors
    • President and CEO: Antonio Cancian
    • Vice President: Christian Emmola
    • Board Member: Giuseppa Puglisi
  • Board of Statutory Auditors
    • President: Giovanni logoteto
    • Standing Statutory Auditors: Elisabetta Anna Castelli; Sergio Martone
    • Substitute Statutory Auditors: Domenico Patrizi; Alessandra Vasale
  • Counsellor of the Court of Accounts in charge of the supervision
    • Incumbent: Piero Carlo Floreani
    • Substitute: Dario Provvidera
  • Responsible for Transparency and Preventing Corruption
    • Christian Emmola
  • Audit Committee
    • Elena Giuffré
  • Chief Operating Officer and Manager responsible for reporting the company financial files
    • Francesco Benevolo